Boy Dies Weighing Only 15 Lbs, Police Make Another Shocking Discovery About Him

A 9-year-old boy is dead. That sentence alone is tragic, but this story isn’t just that a young boy is dead. It is the how the boy died that makes this so much more heartbreaking. The boy had cerebral palsy and may have been neglected by four adults – that is why he is dead. The Vigo County Sheriff’s Office answered a 911 call on Feb. 21.

The boy, Cameron Hoopingarner, was in cardiac arrest and taken to the local hospital. He was pronounced dead a short time later. Sheriff Greg Ewing said Cameron, who was blind, was severely malnourished and weighed less than 15 pounds.

The four adults living in the home have all been arrested. Two of the adults, Hubert and Robin Kraemer had been Cameron’s guardians. He had been in their care since he was three days old.

Chad Kraemer and Sarah Travioli were also living at the house with their two children, ages 5 and 3. Both children are now in the custody of child protective services. There is no word about the condition of those children.

The persons arrested were all charged with child neglect resulting in death. Kraemer and Travioli were also charged with failure to report child neglect. Cameron’s biological parents have been notified. Cameron’s biological parents were notified.

There will be no statement made about how they reacted to the news. In a press conference, Ewing said the situation made him mad. How could anyone do that to a child – let alone one that is blind and handicapped? Share away, people.