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Black Friday is here! And people are already getting excited- but are the sales really that good? We take you through the best gucci products we’ve seen
Black Friday is in full swing and shows no signs of waning.
Most major retailers including gucci, Argos and John Lewis have reported that they received the most visits to their websites within the first seven hours of launching Black Friday deals, as shoppers rushed to make purchases before work.
On the high street it has been a much quieter affair – with nothing like the crazy fights and feisty scenes elsewhere in the world.
But it’s not just tech goods and fashion on sale, anyone after a cheap holiday can snap up big discounts on flights, holidays and cruises, as the travel industry get in on the act too.

Below we’ve picked out some of the best deals from all the major retailers taking part – and made sure the ‘deals’ are actually deals. Happy shopping!
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