Man Arrested For Raping His Infant Daughter, Then Brutally Murdering Her

A 9-month-old girl was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning. Her father is in custody.

Clarksville, TN – A baby girl was raped and strangled at a Clarksville residence on Tuesday morning, police say.

Authorities have arrested the 9-month-old baby’s father, Christopher Paul Conway, 22, on charges of Homicide and Aggravated Rape of a Child, Clarksville Online reported.

Clarksville Police spokesman Jim Knoll said that at 7:19 am on Tuesday, officers responded to a 911 medical call. The caller reported that CPR was being performed on a child.

When emergency personnel arrived, the infant was immediately transported to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead at 8 am, the Leaf-Chronicle said.

Homicide detectives learned that the baby had been sexually assaulted. She died after a cord was wrapped around her neck, strangling her.

Conway confessed to the rape and murder of his daughter during an interview with investigators, and was arrested at approximately 4:20 am on Wednesday.

Police said the investigation is ongoing.

According to Department of Children Services spokesman Rob Johnson, the victim’s twin sister was placed into foster care as a result of the girl’s murder, the Leaf-Chronicle reported.

Johnson said he does not believe the family has a history of prior contact with the Department of Children Services.

According to Conway’s Facebook page, he is a married Army combat medic and the father of twin girls.

He listed the U.S. Army as his employer on police records, the Leaf-Chronicle said.

Conway was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on charges of Homicide and Aggravated Rape of a Child.

His bond has been set at $100,000 for the count of rape.

Because Conway could face the death penalty for killing his daughter, the court denied bond on the count of homicide, the Leaf-Chronicle said.

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  1. So disturbing! This makes me want to puck. Castrate him and then DEATH PENALTY It is bad enough that the other twin will hear about this someday. At least if she knows that the scum bucket that made her is death it will help a pinch. DEATH PENALTY Where was the mother?????

  2. He should be locked up with a load of mothers for a good few days and then put to death the dirty filthy scumbag

  3. He is every mothers worst nightmare I hope the other little twin is safe and away from the so called monster were was the baby’s mother

  4. Let him with the main streamers

  5. my god how many more kids or babies suffer at hands of these brutal assholes. I believe an eye for an eye…Don’t wait, he is guilty has been found guilty death penalty should be in place. They coddle these baby killers….let the jailers have a run at them to see what the child went thru, then give them the death chair…..To many people in jail make room 1st or 2nd degree or even manslaughter put them to death…others will get the message…..

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